For the past couple of years, the trend has been all about the matte. Matte lips, matte face, matte everything... So you can all understand my joy when they finally decided, hey let's bring back glow products and glossy lips.

I have been waiting a while for this to happen. I want that J.Lo Glow (sidenote, I want to try her collab with Inglot) and these juicy lips.

So far, here are my favorite 4 lip products that I carry everywhere. They all do different things but are all in some way, shape or form, glossy or hydrating!

BECCA COSMETICS : I found this product by accident while working in stores to find a gloss for my client. THIS. IS. WHAT. DREAMS. ARE. MADE. OF.  This products works with the PH of your skin to create that perfect glow pinky lip. Huge plus, it's hydrating and NOT sticky, almost oily.

GUERLAIN : This baby, perfect to add on some light color to your lips while keep it glossy all the way. Another favorite and the colors are nice and saturated.
PRO TIP : I like to pair in on top of a matte lip product, to give it that oumf.

YSL : What more can I say, for the packaging alone, taking this baby out of my purse makes my day. A touch of pink in gold perfection!

PINCH OF COLOUR : Last but not least, this light pinky gloss is perfect to rehydrate lips on the go. Again, no water in these products and just natural oils makes this a huge plus in eyes!

(Recently created a look using this product, Wait and see the result!)

Are you more of a matte lip or glossy lip? Have I given you the urge to try out that fabulous wet look? Which ones are your favorites?