Welcome to New York! It's one of my favorite cities and as time goes on, I keep discovering new facettes of this city. There are so many new shops, places and things to visit.

As I go on my 7th trip to New York, this time around I really wanted to visit places that weren't available in Quebec. My list was prepared and here are some of the goodies I bought along the way.

As a classic, I like watching series taking place in New York to put me in the mood, i.e. Gossip Girl, Sex and the City and Younger. These series have inspired me and have also allowed me to explore the city more. If it wasn't for them, I would never have wandered around Soho aimlessly, ate a cute cupcake at Magnolia Bakery or walked in Central Park for hours.

I'm a huge fan of cupcakes... so any cupcake shop in Soho is a must for me. The places are cute, the cupcakes have different flavors and HUGE plus, more and more recipes are vegan! To all my gluten, lactose intolerant or vegan friends, can I hear a HELL YEAHHH! There are so many, I can't suggest just one. My suggestion : Walk, you'll find one. Side note, when you say cake, you think coffee... Soho is FILLED with them. Stop 1 : Cake, Stop 2: Coffee, Result: Perfect day.

My two favorite spots are definitely Central Park and Soho. Central Park is amazing to discover because it is so vast. Every time I walk it, I never walk the same place twice. I honestly prefer it during Summer or Fall because the colors are just amazing. It's a must on my list! Second one is Soho, because to me it's just the perfect combinaison of arts, shops and amazing architecture. I have a tendency to just get there and start discovering. You never know where it will lead and who or what you will find. My eyes are automatically attracted to architecture and color, so to me: IT'S LOVE.

This time around, I had 3 major places that I wanted to visit. The NARS store, the GLOSSIER showroom and TARGET. These 3 places had very different vibes but were all amazing.

1) NARS : One of their stores in on Madison Avenue, it's as beautiful as Fifth, just less crowded. The thing I like about big cities, is that you get Brand stores. Unlike Holt, The Bay or even Sephora, you get brand ambassadors and makeup artists that know their brand and work with it everyday and it can be a little less overwhelming. Once there, I immediately fell in love with the staff, they were so nice and friendly and were very helpful.

2) GLOSSIER : I actually was reminded I wanted to see it by a girl on the streets. I saw her cute bag and asked where the Glossier Store was. Their showroom is on Lafayette street and it was an awesome experience. You go up to the penthouse where the samples of their products are installed. You have specialists that can help you and disposable brushes to try everything. Once you have a better idea what you want, you grab an order slip (Ikea style) and fill out what you want. Finally an employee takes your paper, places your order on a tablet and you wait until they call your name. My order was ready in seconds and they gave me samples, stickers and a cute Thank You note. I found it very personal and super adorable.

3) TARGET : One of my beauty gurus is Lauren Conrad, and her hairstylist of choice is the lovely Kristin Ess. She recently launched hair products and I HAD TO TRY THEM OUT. They are available in Targets and this had to be one of my pit stops. Unfortunately, not all Targets carry a lot of products but I did manage to find a couple key essentials that I will be trying out. I want that beach waves look and I feel these will be the perfect addition to my collection.

Lastly, MY MAIN TIP when visiting New York : WALK. EVERYWHERE. EAT. EVERYTHING. I feel like most people aren't always up to walk but that is the best way to discover a new city, especially one as beautiful and diverse as New York.

Have fun, let me know your favorite spots. In the meantime, I'll be trying out my new goodies. XOXO

For more pictures : @anissazabala