As a makeup artist, I have a daily obsession : looking at beauty products, makeup trends and look inspirations. Most times I find inspiration for future products and ideas on makeup combinations. When this happens, I am often attracted by color, pigment and Instagram is my go-to for new products!

Recently, I found an online brand that really intrigued me : Pinch of Colour. 

Their vision is that water is EXTREMELY important and should be preserved, therefor they have found other ingredients to use in their cosmetics line. They have an amazing point of view and different from anything I've seen before.

Pinch of Colour is a new online brand, created in 2016 by Linda Treska. Her personal experiences have led her to create : Beauty with a cause. I had never heard of this brand and found it by snooping on various makeup artists' instagrams. I like discovering new brands or products but often times I am rarely interested enough to actually try out the products. As a makeup artist we spend so much on makeup brands and I thought this time around, while trying a new product, I could actually give back in a small way.

The idea is to preserve water and use natural oils and butters to create waterless products. Huge plus is that a part of the proceeds are given to support water charities and raise funds to improve access to safe, clean drinking water in third world countries. *


What did you buy? 3 lipsticks, the honey glow stick, a foundation stick.

What attracted you to this brand? POPPY. I found a behind-the-scenes photo of a Makeup Artist using the lipstick Poppy. The pigment looked insane and the color gorgeous.

Where did you find them? On Instagram.They have an amazing source of pictures and their aesthetic really talked to me. I loved their feed, picture choices and their simple, clean packaging.

What color lipsticks did you buy? Poppy, obviously. Eva, a bright pink for summer. Stella, a nice raspberry pink. So far, this brand delivers. ;)

What other product would you try? I am very intrigued by their new lip balms and I would DEFINITELY go in for more lipsticks. 

How do they smell/ apply? Very smoothly, the products are buttery. As for the smell, I usually do not like strong perfumes in products but these do not smell artificial, they smell light and sweet. Huge plus for me.


I just felt like sharing a brand that sounds promising and deserves attention! Visit their website and decide for yourself! 


*Info found on the Pinch of Colour Website.