As a makeup artist, I am privy to all the trends that are out there, some good, some not so good. I've tried a couple of them, but recently this is one that I have really enjoyed.

I'm a huge fan of the natural look, but I think that one can always use all the help one can get.








Lash Lift,  what is it? It's a lash perm basically, to help out those straight lashes have a nice curl. It is usually paired with a lash tint to give light lashes have a nice dark color to them without mascara.

How long does is last? 6 to 8 weeks minimum (mine lasted about 10 weeks)

Where can you get it? Beauticians that have been properly trained. I get mine done by Amélie 

How much is it ?  75$ + taxes (prices may vary depending on beauticians).

What does it include? The Lash Lift and the Lash tint

How long is the treatment? About 45 minutes for all the steps to be completed.

What are the steps?
1) Cleansing lashes and removing excess makeup
2) Protecting bottom lashes and tapping
3) Applying the perm treatment to the lashes once they've been properly placed on a cylindric tube (20 minutes)
4) Applying the lash tint (3-5minutes)
5) Removing everything and cleansing

It is dangerous? No, if done properly with the right equipment by TRAINED beauticians.



Using Waterproof makeup remover might make the tint fade a bit, but won't affect the curl
Don't use an eyelash curler after lifting
Wait the recommended 6-8 weeks (8 is preferable) to avoid damaging lashes
*PAY for QUALITY, not an untrained cheaper beautician