When preparing a shoot, a lot of different things come into play. Choice of model, inspiration for makeup, clothes, lighting, positions and obviously people that are crazy enough to try it, because let's be honest, it could totally not work out. 

I get inspirations from various places and for this particular shoot, I was inspired by two leading ideas.
One : Glitter is amazing, I would love to create a neckpiece in Rhinestones.
Two : Drag Queens overuse glitter, why can't I? Body glitter is a thing, right?

After months of sharing ideas back and forth with the photographer, I decided to buy what was necessary and just go for it, with the approval of a willing model of course.

We went all in and here are behind-the-scenes photos and videos of this shoot. The result will be available soon.

Always use more glitter, there is never enough in a shoot like this.
Make sure your model knows, glitter will be everywhere.
Bring makeup remover, oil and wipes, it's going to get dirty.
Start off slow and finish with the more complicated look.
Separate your dirty brushes from your clean ones or you'll find glitter on them for months.
Bring snacks, it's a long process.

Photographer : Simon Dufresne @simdufresne
Model : Luka Lemon @lukalemon
Makeup Used : Makeup Forever + Sephora Collection